Cursos, Congresos y Jornadas

  • Introduction to Mathematical and Computational Modelling: from mouse to computer and back. 17th - 19th January 2017. Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven, the Netherlands
    Preliminary programme

Ofertas de cursos

  • Auditory Neuroscience Summer School
    School of Medicine of Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. 6-8 July 2016.


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    Institut Pasteur in Paris (France) 20th-24th june 2016
    DEADLINE: 25TH MARCH 2016.

    The workshop has been designed to allow participants to gain both theoretical and practical experience in the most recent techniques of mouse cryopreservation.

    • Superovulation and Ultra-superovulation (IASe technique)
    • Isolating unfertilized mouse oocytes
    • Isolating and cold storage/shipping of mouse cauda epididymis
    • Fresh mouse sperm and IVF
    • Freezing/thawing mouse sperm and IVF
    • Freezing/thawing 2-cell IVF-derived mouse embryos
    • Vitrification of mouse oocytes and embryos
    • Embryo transfer techniques in mice (oviduct, uterus, NSET)
    • Vasectomy of male mice (scrotal and abdominal)...

  • Workshop de Introducción a la imagen molecular preclínica y su aplicación a la investigación biomédica
    Universidad Carlos III de Madrid y el Instituto en Investigación Sanitaria del Hospital Gregorio Marañon.

    El curso tendrá lugar del 9 al 11 de septiembre en Madrid. Está dirigido a jóvenes investigadores, médicos, veterinarios, técnicos y científicos interesados en la aplicación de la imagen molecular in vivo.

    El curso se compone de sesiones teóricas donde se dará una breve introducción a los fundamentos físicos de cada una de las modalidades de imagen para poder entender mejor las aplicaciones de dichas modalidades a la investigación biomédica preclínica. Además se realizarán demostraciones prácticas de las técnicas de imagen presentadas en las sesiones teóricas en grupos reducidos.

    Plazo de inscripción: Desde el 6 de mayo hasta el 31 de mayo.

    Más información y formulario de inscripción en:

  • Pathology of Mouse Models for Human Diseases
    Institut Pasteur, Paris, France
    June 16-19, 2015
    This workshop provides 3.5 days of up to date training in experimental and comparative pathology. The program will explore mouse models of cancer, diseases of the skin, muscle, bone, special senses, and immune system. It also includes modern imaging technologies and humanized mice models. Macroscopic and histopathological cases will be presented and discussed.The workshop will start with an afternoon session devoted to recent mouse genetic engineering technologies, phenotyping and strain management. Attendees will have an opportunity to interact with a group of prominent mouse pathologists from leading research institutions.
  • 3rd CABD Workshop: Applied Technologies for Aquatic Vertebrates
    Centro Andaluz de Biologia del Desarrollo-CSIC-UPO
    Campus de la Universidad Pablo de Olavide Edificio "J. A. Campos-Ortega" Crta. Utrera km.1 Sevilla, Spain
    April 13-16, 2015
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  • Mouse Microbiota: genotype-phenotype control and technological challenges
    That will take place March 26th and 27th 2015 at the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, Portugal
    Registration is extended until 25th March 2015 following the link:
    Synopsis: Dissecting the dialogue between the host and its microbiota is an essential element of modern organism-centered biology. Understanding this complex relationship requires specific equipment and skills. On the first afternoon we will review some of the most advanced findings addressing the interaction of the microbiota and mouse genotypes to produce a range of phenotypes. On the second day, we will address the infrastructure needs and experimental strategies required for the development of this thriving research field.
    Please use this attached flyer to advertise this locally: Flyer
  • Curso Genética y Gestión de Colonias (8ª edición)
    Este curso celebrará su octava edición en el Centro Nacional de Biotecnología (Madrid),
    del 29 de septiembre de 2014 al 2 de Octubre de 2014, y tendrá una duración de 32 horas lectivas.
    Contacto: Ángel Naranjo Pino
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  • Curso de Bienestar en Animales de Experimentación
    Organizado por SECAL, la Universidad Complutense de Madrid y el Colegio de Veterinarios de Madrid. Facultad de Veterinaria de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid 16 al 18 de octubre de 2014
  • Workshop on CRISPR-Cas Gene Targeting in Mice
    The Jackson Laboratory November 5-7, 2014.
    For additional information and to register, go to:
  • INFRAFRONTIER Training Course - Mouse blood and lymphatic vessels phenotyping
    Barcelona, November 17th – 20th 2014
    CBATEG and Veterinary School
    For enquiries and inscription contact:
  • Phenotyping training course on mouse blood and lymphatic vessels
    The EC FP7 funded INFRAFRONTIER-I3 project offers a phenotyping course that will be held at the UAB Barcelona / CBATEG and Veterinary School on November 17 – 20, 2014
  • Puesta a punto de la técnica de criopreservación en líneas de pez cebra
    Parc de Recerca Biomèdica de Barcelona (PRBB) 19 de Septiembre en el auditorio del PRBB, de 13h a 14h.
    Inscripción gratuita, se requiere confirmación de asistencia enviando un email a Teresa de la
  • Workshop Técnicas Quirúrgicas en ratón de laboratorio- Workshop on Surgical Techniques in the Laboratory Mouse
    Centre d'Expérimentation Fonctionnelle, Faculté de Médecine Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France

    June 24 - 27, 2014
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  • Charles River European Short Course 2014
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  • 2nd course on mouse osteology: Basis for X-Ray and CT bone phenotyping
    November 20 - 22, 2013
    CBATEG and Veterinary School. Barcelona
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  • Cursos EMBO y EMBL 2012
  • Curso Práctico de Técnicas Quirúrgicas en Animales de Experimentación
    Octubre 2013
    Centro de Cirugía de Mínima Invasión Jesús Usón (Cáceres) Para formalizar la solicitud de inscripción, podéis acceder a la información del curso en la página web del centro:
    o contactar vía email con Teresa de la Cueva:
  • Curso de Verano de la Universidad Complutense
    "Los retos del envejecimiento activo en el siglo XXI: movilidad y comunicación"
    8 al 12 de julio, San Lorenzo del Escorial.
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  • 8th European Zebrafish Meeting
    The 8th European Zebrafish Meeting will be held in Barcelona, Spain in July 9-13th 2013. The deadline for abstract submission is March 24, 2013. Deadline for early registration is May 30,2013.

    More information at:

    Flyer: Flyer_CABDWorkshop_AVP.pdf
  • Rodent Surgery Training Courses
    Charles River and Professor René Remie are pleased to offer a 3-day and 5-day rodent surgery training course at the René Remie Surgical Skills Centre (RRSSC) in the Netherlands.

    The programmes are designed to allow each attendee to focus on his/her specific model(s) of interest. During the course, you will learn good rodent surgery practices and associated pre- and post-operative care procedures. The course combines lectures with "hands-on" exercises to ensure that you receive the most comprehensive training experience with animal welfare and good science.
  • EMBL Course Laboratory Animal Science
  • Introducción A La Investigación En Animales Modificados Genéticamente (2ª Edición) Septiembre 27-28,2012. Salón de actos del Colegio de Veterinarios de Madrid.
  • Course on Zebrafish Development and Genetics. August 5-19,2012. Marine Biological Laboratory Woods Hole, Massachusetts.
  • International Mammalian Genome Conference Tradewinds Resort in St. Petersburg Beach, FL October 21-24, 2012.
    Details of the meeting will be available soon at
  • VIII Jornadas de Formación Teórico-Práctica en Espectroscopia e Imagen por Resonancia Magnética (MRS/MRI): Aplicación en Animales de Laboratorio. Del 4 al 7 de junio de 2012
  • Charles River's 6th European Short Course on Laboratory Animal Science. February 8-10, 2012, in Brussels, Belgium. More info
  • Mouse Models of Disease - linking in vivo observations to pathology endpoints. 1–3 February 2012.Wellcome Trust Conference Centre, Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, Hinxton, Cambridge, UK. Program - Mouse Models of Disease.pdf
  • Working with the Laboratory Rat. Oct 12, 2011. Nov 16, 2011. A Complimentary Six-Part Webinar Series from Charles River. Wednesday,
  • Jornadas de Formación en Fenotipado de Modelos Animales. Madrid. 19-21 de Octubre.
  • Workshop on Phenotyping Mouse Models of Human Lung Disease. Sep 18, 2011 - Sep 23, 2011 . The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor ME.
  • 2011 Mouse Pathobiology and Phenotyping Short Course. July 25-29, 2011. Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine In Baltimore, MD.
  • Molecular Biology of Hearing and Deafness. 6-9 July 2011. Wellcome Trust Conference Centre, Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, Hinxton, Cambridge, UK.
  • VI Jornadas de Formación Teórico-Práctica en Espectroscopía e Imagen por Resonancia Magnética (MRS/MRI): Aplicación en Animales de Laboratorio”. del 23 al 26 de mayo de 2011. Barcelona. Organizado por elServicio de Resonancia Magnética Nuclear de la Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona.
  • Genomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics applied to the study of rare diseases. 3-4 May 2011. Málaga (Spain). Ver programa preliminar