Sensorineural Pathology

Sensorineural Pathology Programme:  made up of seven research groups from different spheres, from clinical and molecular genetics, epidemiology, molecular and cell biology and animal models, intended for translation by implementation of new diagnostic algorithms and therapeutic orientation.

Rare diseases studied

  • Retinal dystrophies.
  • Isolated and syndromic ocular malformations.
  • Albinism.
  • Hereditary and congenital hearing loss.


To work on rare diseases which have an effect on the sensory organs, and specifically on sight and/or hearing.

The strongpoint of this PdI and one of its main objectives, is the development of cell and animal models of RD, above all with a view to the coming period of leadership of preclinical research into sensorineural RD. The PdI also develops genomic diagnostic tools.

Research groups PdI