Inherited Cancer, Haematological and Dermatological Diseases

Inherited Cancer and Related Syndromes Programme: this consists of six research groups from different fields, from clinical and molecular genetics to regenerative medicine, advanced/innovative therapies, molecular biology and cell biology.

Rare diseases studied

  • Fanconi anaemia and disorders connected with genetic instability.
  • Inherited cancer and paediatric tumours.


To study the physiopathological mechanisms and genetic bases of inherited cancer as well as other related syndromes, in which genetic instability is a fundamental component involved in the appearance or progress of the disease.

The specific objectives of this programme focus on chromosome research, specifically into Fanconi Anaemia, research on rare tumours, particularly endocrinal tumours and research on advanced therapies (in cooperation with other PdI). Some of its most outstanding achievements are the international clinical tests for gene therapy of Fanconi anaemia or the development of tissues in culture for autologous transplant after gene correction for epidermolysis bullosa.

Research groups PdI