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#Específica de ER# Call HP-ERN-2016: European Reference Networks / Framework Partnership Agreements

Scope: The actions to be funded are coordination, management and non-clinical activities of an approved ERN. Co-funding will be provided in the form of mono-beneficiary grants to the ERN Coordinator to run the ERN and implement all actions in order to fulfil the goals as provided for in the legal basis on ERNs: (i) each ERN shall provide highly specialised healthcare for rare or low prevalence complex diseases or conditions; (ii) have a clear governance and coordination structure; (iii) have knowledge and expertise to diagnose, follow up and manage patients with evidence of good outcomes; (iv) follow a multi-disciplinary approach; (v) offer a high level of expertise and have the capacity to produce good practice guidelines and to implement outcome measures and quality control; (vi) make a contribution to research; (vii) organise teaching and training activities; and (viii) collaborate closely with other centres of expertise and networks at national and international level.

  • DeadlineModel: single-stage
  • Funding amount: 2.500.000 €
  • Apply for funding: 16 March to 21 June 2016 (coordinators)
  • Apply only to become an ERN (not for funding): 23 June to 22 July 2016
  • Criterios a nivel nacional: Ser CSUR designado por el MSSSI


Entidad Financiadora: CHAFEA

Plazo de Presentación: 21/06/2016

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