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Orphanet nomenclature and ontology for RD research. EJP-RD training course

Desde el lunes, 3 de mayo de 2021 hasta el lunes, 17 de mayo de 2021

Orphanet nomenclature and ontology for RD research. EJP-RD training course.

Registration for the EJP-RD "Orphanet nomenclature and ontology for RD research" training course is open from February 15th until March 1st at midnight. Please find below the link to access the registration form to apply for the training course.

The training course will be organized online in the month of May. The course includes 3 sessions: the first session will be completed in an individual basis between May 3rd and May 12th (approximate dedication time of 2-3 hours). The second and third sessions will take place on May 17th (real-time).

This training course is organized in the framework of the EJP-RD project and it is open to researchers and clinicians (and IT teams). The General Objective of the Training is to improve knowledge and [basic/advanced] skills about Orphanet nomenclature (including the ORPHAcodes) and Orphanet Rare Disease Ontology -ORDO. Preliminary program of the training course is available in this link: enlace al PDF del programa

Also please note that those individuals in need of acquiring this knowledge in order to develop their workwill be considered in priority due to limited participant number. In addition,although most seminars will be imparted in Spanish, a good command of the English language will be necessary. In the event that a large number of registrations is received, the organization will consider celebrating a second or third edition aimed at different professional profiles (researchers / clinicians / registry documentalists...).

For any questions regarding the application form, please contact: [email protected]