Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación

Research Programmes

The basic structure of the CIBERER takes the form of Research Programmes (Spanish ”PdI”), which enable the CIBERER to group together in areas of scientific interest. Organisation in PdI enables optimising the assignment of resources, reinforcing research groups, fostering scientific technical and clinical cooperation, to thus improve scientific results and obtain a greater degree of accomplishment of the strategic objectives set.

Seven programmes are considered, taking into account the basic biological and historical aspect characterising each of the RD, either separately or as a nosological group of diseases:

Research groups join the different programmes in line with the diseases in which they do their scientific work and the aspects of their research on these. The groups form part of one or more programmes by means of their participation in Research Lines defined on the basis of the programme itself and the disease or  group of diseases on which the most relevant research of their group is done in the field of rare diseases.