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Welcome from the Director

Dear Friends,

Here at the CIBER of Rare Diseases (CIBERER) our work is done with the main aim of trying to find answers and solutions to allow an improvement in the quality of life of the people affected by these pathologies.

The CIBERER is a network cooperative structure, with 62 research groups located at the main research centres all over Spain. These groups are structured in seven scientific programmes depending on their common lines of work, which means we can combine our endeavours, optimise our resources and make the greatest use of the knowledge generated.

Our research work is done through the cooperation of basic and clinical research groups, for the purpose of seeking the causes and disorders in biological mechanisms which generate Rare Diseases. Our work is oriented towards generating new scientific knowledge enabling us to learn the biological bases of RD, the development of new treatments and the availability of new diagnostic procedures for these illnesses.

To carry out this research with a clearly translational approach it is vital to ensure interaction with healthcare professionals, the people affected and the associations which support them, in order to pass on the progress in research to them, as well as finding out their proposals and learning about their needs.

We would like this web page to be not only the point of encounter for our researchers but also a channel for spreading information to the scientific community and society in general about the work we do, how we are structured, and how we form part of the programmes and projects in the field of Rare Diseases. To this end we are letting you know who the members of CIBERER are, the diseases in which we work, the scientific programmes in which we are organised and the results of our action: scientific publications, intramural projects, therapeutic conferences, clinical guides, patents, cooperation with excellence centres and patients associations, and so on.

We also wish to offer you our regular Social Newsletter, which covers the latest progress made in research and is meant for society in general, and more specifically for those affected and their families.

We hope that this web site will be of interest to you. Welcome to the CIBERER.

With warm regards,

Dr. Pablo Lapunzina
Scientific Director of the CIBERER.