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About us

The thematic area of Rare Diseases (CIBERER), which was created to act as a benchmark, to coordinate and underpin research into rare diseases in Spain, is made up of 57 research groups connected with 29 institutions in the consortium. These research groups are the basic operating units and are grouped into seven Research Programmes. With this network structure, CIBERER has become a ground-breaking initiative for facilitating synergies between cutting-edge groups and institutions in different areas and disciplines in the field of rare diseases. Its work is organised in seven Research Programmes which constitute the driving force for CIBERER’S coordination and activity. These are: Genetic Medicine, Inherited Metabolic Medicine, Mitochondrial Medicine, Paediatric and Developmental Medicine, Sensorineural Pathology, Endocrine Medicine and Inherited Cancer and related syndromes.

CIBER is a consortium dependent of the Institute de Salud Carlos III (Institute of Health Carlos III) through the Spain's Ministry of Science and Innovation and co-financed with ERDF and ESF funds. European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) “A way to make Europe”. European Social Fund (ESF) “The ESF invests in your future”.