Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación

Scientific Management

The team of Scientific Directors is made up of professionals with extensive experience in the field of RD. Their work is done reporting directly to the Scientific Management of the CIBERER, to the coordinators of Research Programmes and the Training Coordinator.

The team of Scientific Directors handles the management of the CIBERER’s research programmes, as well as transversal work fostering the activity of strategic projects, platforms and different programmes for supporting the CIBERER. It is in charge of guaranteeing and reinforcing networking and integrating the actions of the groups forming the CIBERER.

Attached to the Scientific Director
Ingrid Mendes imendes[ELIMINAR] +34 672 23 80 21
Managers of Scientific Activity
Beatriz Gómez bgomez[ELIMINAR] +34 671 48 16 75
Estrella Rubio [email protected] +34 671 48 16 72
Head of Training and Activity Manager
Miguel López de Heredia formacion[ELIMINAR] +34 664 42 75 56