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Results attained

Publishing is to give value to the scientific generated results: ·

  • The review on the part of external scientists supports the quality of the work.
  • Serves for the exchange of ideas and conclusions.
  • To share results accelerates the investigation and the results in order to give a response to the needs of the society.

Scientific publications

In general lines, from the beginning of the CIBERER a progressive increase has taken place in what to scientific production it refers, even more if one refers to the collaborative publications between several groups CIBERER.

From the year 2006 up to 2014 the network has happened of having a total of 320 publications to 703 in 2014. In what to quotable works refers the increase it has been equally substantial, happening from 239 in 2006 to 550 in 2014. This increase also happens with the publications of 1er decil happening from 77 in 2006 to 208 in 2014. Evolution of the number of works of the CIBERER (2006-2014) according to typology.

Evolution of the number of works of the CIBERER (2006-2014) according to typology.

According to available information in October, 2015, 550 works of the CIBERER were published. If this number, which only includes quotable documents, combines with the meeting abstracts included in WoS it would come near to 703 publications.

Information I extracted of the report of INGENIO

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The groups CIBERER are a reference in the scientific production in Rare Diseases.

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